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Posted on Jul 25, 2013 in Blog

Stops Along the Way

Do you know we have a labyrinth on the OUMC property?  It’s located just past the south end of the parking lot.  A labyrinth looks a bit like a maze.  However, unlike a maze, you enter and exit the same way and there is only a single, non-branching path, which leads to the center.  Labyrinth designs have been around for over 2000 years.  They began to appear in the European church during the Middle Ages; perhaps as a way for Christians to take a symbolic pilgrimage to the Holy Land.  In recent years there has been something of a “labyrinth” revival in the Christian experience.  Many use it as a physical spiritual practice symbolizing the Christian journey or as an aid to prayer and meditation.  Check out the OUMC labyrinth and give it a try!

This past Saturday morning, I spent some time at the OUMC labyrinth.  As I slowly walked along the path, I would stop from time to time as something caught my attention…maybe it was a sound, a sight, even an aroma brought along by the gentle breeze.  At each stop I paused to think about what I was experiencing and/or to pray.  Even though my objective was to reach the center and spend some quiet time there, that morning I found it was these occasional stops along the way that were the most meaningful part of my labyrinth journey.

Many times I see unexpected stops/interruptions in the journey of my life, ministry, or day as distractions at best, and sometimes as serious challenges to my mission/goal.  My Saturday morning labyrinth experience reminded me that perhaps I should view these interruptions more as an opportunity to breathe, take a look around, and look/listen long enough to realize what God is up to.  Stops, interruptions, or delays in our journey towards the dream aren’t necessarily giants to be slayed; they may be gifts to receive from our dream giver God.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Steve

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