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Meet The Staff

Steve Blacksher : Pastor

Steve Blacksher

Pastor Steve is a passionate follower of Jesus Christ. He believes deeply in connecting people with Christ and is devoted to serving God in any and all ways that he can. Steve brings practical steps for each of us to move along in our faith journey - whether we're just starting out or have been on the path for some time. He offers scripture-based teachings in a relatable way. Steve is on fire for God, and watch out - it's contagious! Learn more about Pastor Steve. | 417-581-6853
Faith Reese : Children's Ministry Director

Faith Reese
Children's Ministry Director

Faith sees each child as a unique and valuable seeker of God, the creator. She looks for ways to make the church a place that each child can learn, grow and be dynamic followers of Jesus Christ. Faith takes time to get to know the families and children that come into Ozark UMC and works tirelessly to ensure that each child is met with a smile and each parent feels the comfort of knowing their child is in a warm, safe and nurturing environment. The children's ministry continues to grow and Faith is anxious to work on new programming and offer new ways for children to interact with God's Word. | 417-581-6853
Alice Muggenburg : Nursery Director

Alice Muggenburg
Nursery Director

About 13 years ago Alice was in seek of a new church home when she found Ozark UMC. She said they always treated her like a good neighbor - sincere and welcoming. She began volunteering in the nursery and after a couple of years, Alice joined the staff as Nursery Director. Her hope is to be physically able to do this for the rest of my life as "Nothing beats the love a child." She enjoys watching each child grow just as she does her own grandchildren. Alice actively lives out her faith by using the God-given gifts of love and patience with children to serve the families of Ozark UMC.

| 417-581-6853
Melissa Vigneaux : Youth Ministry Director

Melissa Vigneaux
Youth Ministry Director

Melissa loves working and playing alongside the youth and has done so for over six years and has been a member at Ozark UMC for about 17 years. She says even though she’s not the typical age of a youth ministry leader, she does not let that stop her. She is passionate about helping the youth grow in their faith and encouraging them to become firmly rooted in their beliefs. Melissa is excited to guide the youth in their spiritual development and share with them in their journey. In her free time she enjoys singing, playing hockey with her husband, watching sports, camping and spending time outdoors. | 417-581-6853
Brett Reith : Worship Ministry Director

Brett Reith
Worship Ministry Director

Brett has a heart for worship and leads us each Sunday morning in prayerful worship. Using his musical gifts for God's glory, he works to guide worship in a way that would be inviting for the Holy Spirit to enter in and for people to feel the closeness of God. At the core, Brett is a nurturer and caretaker. He genuinely wants to know you and travel with you on the faith journey. When he's not leading worship, he's working in finance, performing musical theater or spending time with his two children and wife. He senses that the Ozark UMC is on the cusp of something big and he can't wait to see what's to come. | 417-581-6853
Tracy Ryan : Administrative Assistant & Director of Hilltop Preschool

Tracy Ryan
Administrative Assistant & Director of Hilltop Preschool

Tracy brings the light and laughter of Jesus into everything she does. She not only directs the pre-school program, but she orchestrates the daily activities of the church office. Coordinating schedules, communication efforts, small group sign-ups and project details, Tracy is all over it. The pre-school kids call her "funny" and "huggable". If you don't believe them, give her a hug and find out! | 417-581-6853
David Bell : Congregational Care Coordinator

David Bell
Congregational Care Coordinator

David is passionate about growing in his faith and helping others grow closer to Jesus. David moved to the Ozarks to be near to his family after retiring from pastoral ministry in Kansas. His experience in ministry and providing spiritual care for others makes him unique and has invaluable experience that will help him in his role as Congregational Care Coordinator. When not serving at Ozark UMC, David can be found spending time with his wife, Debbie, and the rest of his family, especially his grandchildren. He also enjoys playing guitar, working in the yard, golfing and woodworking projects. | 417-581-6853