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Posted on Nov 21, 2017 in Event

Advent Sermon Series “Anxiously Waiting,” November 26 – December 17

Advent Sermon Series “Anxiously Waiting,” November 26 – December 17

We always seem to be waiting for something.  The question is what are we doing while we wait? How would our lives be different this holiday season, if we were waiting as anxiously for Jesus Christ coming anew, as we are for Christmas?   What would our focus be?   Where would our resources be going?  How, and with whom, would we be spending our time?

The very ancient Church didn’t know about, and celebrate, Christmas as we do today.  Those early Christians were focused on Christ’s promised return instead.  The season of Advent developed as a time of preparing for this promised return…a time of waiting anxiously, and purposefully preparing, for Christ coming anew.

Join us for Advent worship, Sunday mornings at 8:30 or 11:00, November 26 – December 17, here at Ozark UMC as we look at the wisdom of those earliest Christians in our new sermon series called “Anxiously Waiting.” We’ll find out that in this stressful holiday season, how we wait…matters.

Click here to find out more about Sunday mornings at Ozark UMC.

Click here to listen to “Anxiously Waiting” sermons.

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