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Posted on Aug 15, 2018 in Blog



There’s some of the Bible’s King David in all of us.  Question is… how much?

Was I supposed to drive the tractor down the lane to the back field?  No.  My dad had specifically told my brothers and I not to drive the tractor, or farm truck, down the lane, because the early spring rains had made it very muddy.  “You’ll get stuck trying to go down that lane…” his words still echo in my ears 40+ years later.

Was it a big deal to take the tractor the long way around to get to the back field instead?  No.  But it would have taken me another five minutes longer and required that I stop to open and shut an extra gate.

Did I drive the tractor down the lane?  Yes.

Did the tractor get stuck?  Yes.

Lucky for me my dad was out of town for a few days.  And lucky for me on that early March night the temperature got down into the mid-20’s, freezing the muddy lane ground just enough that a rescue attempt with our other tractor might work.  And since my younger brother had done things just as foolish before, he agreed to help me try to pull out the almost axle-deep stranded tractor and not say anything about it.

We were able to pull it out!  But even after trying to rinse the now freed tractor off, the evidence of my actions could be seen to the discerning eye.  Even more damaging to my cover-up attempt was the deep rutted mess left behind in the lane.  My secret lasted less than hour upon my dad’s return.  My only option was to confess.  And I never took the tractor through that muddy lane again.

As it was with David (2 Samuel 11:1 – 12:15), so it is with me and all of us.  Sin, and our attempts to hide, control, and fix it fail…and push God out of the picture.  Confession and repentance are the first steps of bringing God back into the picture.  Listen to more at (August 12 sermon).

Your partner on the journey,

Pastor Steve


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