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Posted on Jan 29, 2020 in Event, Sermon Series

February Sermon Series: The Upside-Down Kingdom

February Sermon Series: The Upside-Down Kingdom

Join us in February for our new Sermon Series, “The Upside-Down Kingdom.  Jesus entered the world proclaiming that the kingdom of God is at hand.  It became clear early in Jesus’ ministry that the kingdom he came proclaiming was nothing like the world had ever seen or known.  The Kingdom of God was and is at odds with the kingdoms of this world.  It is a kingdom that turns the world upside-down.  Do you sense that there is something off about the world, the Church, other people, and yourself?  Do you wish things would be different?  Do you wonder if things will ever change?  Jesus, in his inaugural address called the Sermon on the Mount, gives us a great hope in his vision for how the world really is.  It is a world turned upside-down by his amazing mercy and love.  Come explore who Jesus calls us to be, and how Jesus calls us to live into the reality of his upside-down kingdom.

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