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Posted on Jun 3, 2014 in Blog

How Could I Ask For More?

How Could I Ask For More?

“Thank you Lord…how could I ask for more?”  

I love this song written and performed by Cindy Morgan.  It speaks to the many simple, yet profound, blessings that come from God…and the basic, yet vital, need to say “thank you.”  If you’ve never heard the song, I encourage you to take four minutes right now to click here and listen.   Let it soak in…

Today we’re constantly bombarded by media messages telling us that our lives are empty…but for most of us in America the exact opposite is true.  “God showers so many gifts on us, but we are in such a hurry to acquire more that we miss the enjoyment of what he has given; we do not receive God’s gifts well,” (David DeSilva).

Follow Jesus’ example (Matthew 26:26-30); make the effort to create the sacred time and space that will remind you that God is the Creator and Provider and you are the created and the receiver. Maybe it’s in the simple gesture of cupping your hands to receive the Communion bread, instead of reaching out and taking it…Maybe it’s in taking a minute at the end of each day to mentally list the things you are thankful for…Maybe it’s in saying a simple blessing prayer each time you sit down to an evening meal.  Take time to receive God’s gifts well.

Click here to listen to more (June 1 sermon).

Your partner on the journey,

Pastor Steve

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