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Prayer Walk Guide


            What is prayer-walking?  One simple definition is to “pray onsite with insight.”  The purpose of prayer-walking is to seek God’s guidance, mercy, and transforming power—both for our community and for ourselves as God’s servants in the community.  We pray for Christ’s kingdom to come in our zip code, church, homes, and lives.


            We will spend some time praying for our church and our community, and especially our schools as they approach the start of the school year.  The following guidelines, however, can be used for any time or place you feel prompted to pray.  So, whether you are doing a prayer walk at a school, in a neighborhood, at your workplace, at church, or around your own home, ask God for insight into what he wants you to be in prayer for.  Pay attention to and observe what is going on around you.  Let your observations guide your prayers.  Use the following guidelines to help you:

  • You can walk by yourself, or in a group of two or three. 
  • Feel free to pray silently or aloud in a quiet, conversational voice.  The goal is to be “on the scene without making one.”
  • If someone asks what you are doing, simply respond: “We are praying for our community.  Is there any special way we can pray for you?”
  • For your neighborhood:

If you see signs of children in the house, pray for those children to grow up knowing God. Pray for the parents to have wisdom and patience in their job of parenting.  If you see signs of teenagers in the house, pray for safety as those kids begin to stretch their wings. Pray they will find a sure path and stay well-grounded as they grow and leave the house.  Be attentive to other prompts for prayer.

  • For schools:

Pray over the teachers, administrators, staff, and children in the school.  Pray for bus drivers, custodians, and lunchroom personnel.  Pray for parents and grandparents of students.  If you have a directory, pray over each student, each teacher, and each staff member by name.  If you know anyone involved with the school, pray for them specifically.  Pray for protection and guidance.  Pray for wisdom and insight.  Pray for Christ to make himself known in our schools.

  • For the church:

Pray for the people who will be in each room, each chair.  Pray for God to speak into their hearts, to heal what’s broken and comfort what ails.  Pray that they would be changed in this place.  Pray for God’s dream and vision for us as a community.  Pray for the unknown people who may be prompted to encounter Christ within our church community.

  • For your workplace:

Pray over each cube or desk you pass as you walk to the break room.  Pray for God’s love and healing touch to reach each person.  Pray for wisdom and discernment for good decisions as you pass each meeting room.

  • For your home:

Pray over each room and the people who use it.  Pray over each bedroom, for the needs of that family member.  Pray over the kitchen and the meals that will be prepared there.  Pray for God’s blessings and protection over each room in your home.

Schedule for August 9, 2020

*All are invited to join us as we pray for our church and community.  If you are unable to join us, a prayer guide will be available for you to do prayer walks around your neighborhood, workplace, and home.

3:00pm—Meet at the church in the parking lot (masked and distanced).  Prayer walk around the church building.

3:30pm—Split into groups and head to the schools for prayer walks.

4:00pm—Groups head back to the church.

4:15pm—Debrief and reflection on what we heard and saw.

4:30pm—Ending Time.

Beattyville Food Drive

Ozark UMC will begin collecting non-perishable food items for the Pantry on Wheels based in Pastor Jack Short’s Methodist Church in Beattyville, Tennessee.  This ministry collects food and and delivers to those in need. We want to fill a trailer to be delivered as soon as we have it full.  Any non-perishable food is acceptable.  See the flyer below for a list of items needed. Just bring the food items to the church and place in the “trailer”.

Least of These Focus Items

Each month Ozark UMC collects a food item and a cleaning item for our local Mission Partner The Least of These Food Pantry. Visit our homepage to see the month’s items.