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Posted on Jul 16, 2015 in Blog

More Than A Feeling

More Than A Feeling

“How long will you forget me, Lord…how long will you hide your face from me…But, I have trusted in your faithful love.  My heart will rejoice in your salvation.  Yes, I will sing to the Lord because he has been good to me.”  (Psalm 13:1, 5-6, CEB) 

There are many variations, but the basic question I sometimes get from people goes something like this.  “If you weren’t a pastor, would you still go to church every Sunday?”  I never hesitate…the answer is always, “Yes!”

Now before you start with the, “Oh sure, that’s what a preacher is supposed to say;” hear me out.  I can say “yes,” for one thing, because weekly worship attendance at church was my life practice before I become a pastor.  I made a mid-life career change into the formal pastoral ministry role in the United Methodist Church about 10 years ago now, but for my 40+ years before, weekly worship was always the norm for me and my family.

But it’s more than just a habit.

Sometimes the embrace of God seems so real in my life that it’s thick as the heavy dew on a muggy summer morning…other times life seems dry as a bone with God seemingly distant or nowhere to be found.  That’s true even when I’m walking into church on Sunday morning.  Either way, God’s faithful love and presence is a reality. Gathering with others for worship every week is just one way make a statement of God’s abiding love…regardless of whether I may or may not “feel” God’s presence.

I hope you’ll make that statement of faith this week in a worshiping congregation near you.  Like the words above from the ancient Psalm writer, even when we may be asking about where God is, we can still truthfully say that “Yes, I will sing to the Lord because he has been good to me!”

Your partner on the journey,

Pastor Steve

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