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Posted on Jul 29, 2020 in Event, Feature, online worship, online Worship Service, Sermon Series, Worship Service

New Sermon Series

New Sermon Series

Nehemiah: Rebuilding, Reviving, Restoring

                A remnant of the Israelites had recently returned to their homeland after seventy years in Babylonian captivity.  They found the temple and their city destroyed.  They had been estranged from God.  They dreamed of a day when their city and temple would be rebuilt, and when they would be restored as a people.  Out of faithfulness to God, and with the leadership of God’s servant, Nehemiah, God’s people began to rebuild the temple, their city, and their lives. 

                Often it can feel like we, too, are resident aliens in a strange land.  We often dream of a day when Christ’s Kingdom will come in its fullness.  We long to experience revival, and for Christ’s church to be rebuilt and restored.  We desire for our own church community to rebirth and revival as a faithful and powerful witness to Christ and his kingdom. 

                The good news is that this is what our God wants for us as well!  Join us for a three week series in the book of Nehemiah where we will be looking at what means for us to join God in rebuilding, reviving, and restoring, our lives, our church, and our world.

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