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Posted on Oct 28, 2013 in Blog

Not For A Moment

Not For A Moment

After all you are constant.

After all you are only good.

After all you are sovereign.

Not for a moment will you forsake me.

Not for a moment will you forsake me.

(“Not for a Moment,” click here to listen)

The words of this powerful song by Meredith Adams, affirm four attributes of God.  God is constant. God is good.  God is sovereign.  God will never forsake us.  I think it’s noteworthy that the songwriter includes the fact that God will not forsake us on her list of attributes of God.  God’s faithful presence isn’t just what God does…it’s part of who God is!

As we wrapped up our “Remember…” sermon series yesterday at OUMC, we discovered how important it is to remember who is with us.  Remember the risen Christ stands with you!  And that’s important to remember because sometimes it feels like you’re standing alone.  Click here to hear more (October 27 sermon). 

You need to hear this right now.  Not for a moment will God forsake you.  The risen Christ stands with you.  The power of the Holy Spirit is present with you…now and always!

So join me this week in doing whatever it takes (for me it’s a strategically placed “Post-It” note) to remember what Paul first share first shared with Timothy (2 Timothy 4:17); “The Lord stands by me and gives me strength!”

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