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Posted on Feb 6, 2014 in Blog

One Word

Read a challenging editorial the other day about a very powerful resource we all possess, but too seldom use.  Billy Kimmons reminded me that even when things get really ugly in our world/lives, we have a great power to turn things around in our hands…or literally in our mouths.  That power is a kind word.  “One kind word has surprising power!”

Words can sting.  In fact some have said it takes hearing 10 kind words to make us forget one negative comment. That may be so, but “one kind word has surprising power!”  Click here to read Kimmons’ editorial. 

“One word has surprising power!”  Indeed.  I think that sometimes it’s the people we are closest to that we fail to speak kindly to the most.  High expectations lead to words that are too often judgmental or harsh.  Familiarity leads to taking for granted they already know how we feel.  Jam packed days squeeze out face time altogether.  Whatever the reason, all too often, it’s those we love the most who need to hear our kind words more.

“Blessed are the merciful…“Love one another…”  Sharing the surprising power of kind words is a good way to start to living into those red letter words of Jesus.  Give it a try.  One day…one person…one word of kindness.  Be the hope and peace of Christ in a world that is often unkind!

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