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Posted on Jan 13, 2014 in Blog

Slowing Down to Savor

Slowing Down to Savor

Two down and eight to go; the countdown is on.  It’s a countdown I try to make last as long as I can…trying to savor each one.  It’s really tempting to go through them all real fast, they are so good! But it’s really worth slowing down.

I’m talking about cherry chocolates…one of my few weaknesses when it comes to candy.  It’s been a Christmas tradition for a long time now, my wife always gets me a box.  So every January I start the countdown, slowly eating one every few days.  Savoring each bite of that chocolate, sweet syrup, and maraschino cherry goodness…I can nibble on one for a few minutes when I have the will power. When it comes to cherry chocolates, I can definitely slow down!

Most of us are addicted to hurry, which means we rarely slow down for much of anything.  One of the by-products of living life on the run is that we look too fast.  Do this often enough and we become the “walking dead;” alive but not really living, looking but not really seeing, and listening but not really hearing.  God calls us to live into a more savoring pace.

So try this.  Sometime this week look to the east at 7:25 a.m. or look to the west at 5:15 p.m.  Take 4-5 minutes to let the scene unfold before your eyes…let the experience soak in…let it change your day. You can post what you see and think about here on the blog if you like, or the OUMC Facebook page. Let this be a first step to finding your own savoring pace. Click here to listen to more (January 12 sermon).   

Slow down and have a great week!

Pastor Steve

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