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Posted on Jan 29, 2015 in Blog


The other day I unexpectedly ran into a local pastor friend at the fitness center.  We normally see each other at the coffee shop or community events, but this was the first time at the fitness center.  It turns out his schedule had changed that day, so that his workout time coincided with my normal workout time.

We both were surprised to run into each other at the fitness center.  We laughed about how seeing each other there caught two preacher friends off guard (that may be diagnostic).

Later I got to thinking more about how running into certain people in certain places tends to catch us by surprise…say like when a student runs into their teacher at the store or an employee runs into their boss at their kid’s ball game.  For some reason, it’s just hard to think imagine certain people being any place other than where we normally experience them.

Could it be the same with Jesus?  We all have certain places and/or ways we connect best with the risen Christ…at church in the worship service, our personal devotion time, a small group Bible study, or maybe a walk in the woods.  But the Gospels remind us that we’ll find him in unexpected places: in the person who is in need of food or who is in prison, in opportunities to serve rather than be in charge, where things that seem dead need to be brought back to life.

So keep your eyes open!

Your partner on the journey,

Pastor Steve

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  1. My eye Dr came into the store the other day. I said “I know you from somewhere.”
    He said “I’m your eye Doctor.”

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