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Posted on Dec 4, 2014 in Blog

My Favorite

We are absolutely, positively, and beyond a shadow of a doubt…I think you get the picture…in my favorite time of year!  On the calendar it’s called December.  In our...

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Posted on Dec 12, 2013 in Blog

Turning Into Advent’s Light

I’ve shared this with some of you before…Call me crazy, but I’d take a sunrise over a sunset just about any day.  I know…I know…you have to be out and about a lot...

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Posted on Dec 2, 2013 in Blog

We’ve Got Some Work To Do

“Come, descendants of Jacob, let US walk in the light of the LORD.” (Isaiah 2:5, NRSV) Thousands of years ago, Isaiah called people to get ready to live with God in...

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