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Posted on Mar 14, 2018 in Blog

The Right Frequency

The Right Frequency

In a recent Sunday morning worship service, my microphone wasn’t working.  I wasn’t sure…it’s hard to tell when you’re upfront.  So, at the start of the sermon I went through all the usual checks: mic pack on, battery good, mic unmuted.  Everything looked good. But, as I found out later, it wasn’t working.

Turns out, my mic pack…the device that transmits from me to the sound system…wasn’t set to the right frequency.  It wasn’t talking to right receiver box in the sound booth, and vice versa.

Being set to the right frequency, makes all the difference!

It’s like that sometimes when it comes to our connection with God.  We may seem to be doing the right kinds of things…praying, going to church, lending a helping hand, trying to be good, etc.…but the connection just isn’t there.  God seems distant, unresponsive, or absent.

Being set to the right frequency, makes all the difference!

For me, being on the right frequency means intentionally setting aside time to be alone in God’s presence…time for silence, experiencing God’s Word, and prayer.  In the middle of our culture’s noisy demands, God seems to prefer to speak to me in a gentle whisper.  My guess is, that’s not all that unique to me.

How about you?  What does it mean for you to be on the right frequency in your connection with God?  Are you tuned to that frequency?  What do you need to be intentional about, for that frequency setting to be correct?

My prayer is that you will take advantage of this season of Lent, the time between now and Easter Sunday, to better tune into that frequency.  Maybe that means being more intentional in seeking some quiet time with God? Maybe it means opening the Bible?  Maybe it means being in church this coming Sunday?  Maybe…well…you fill in the blank.

In this season of Lent, with its signature demand of being sacrificially open to God’s invitational presence, what do you need to do to tune into the right frequency with God?  If I can help you with that in any way, please let me know!

Your partner on the journey,

Pastor Steve

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