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Posted on Jan 20, 2014 in Blog

The Voice

It was too early and the coffee hadn’t really kicked in yet…Most everyone at the morning networking event I knew already…I had a lot on my mind with a long list of things to do that day.  Whatever the reason, I have to admit I wasn’t really paying attention as the formal introductions were being made around the room.  But then I heard that voice…

I knew that voice…it was a voice from a long time ago. I started looking around in the direction of the voice.  Who was it?  Couldn’t see the guy’s face, but he was a big guy with a booming, friendly voice. Now I remembered.  It had been at least 25 years.  But now, because of that voice, I knew who it was…and now I started really listening. It was fun friendship reunion!

Has anything like that ever happen to you?  Just a guess that maybe, like me, your mind was racing at the time. Like Mary at the tomb that first Easter morning (John 20:1-18), we can get in such a hurry that we listen too fast, or not at all. Slowing down allows you to listen more carefully.  Listening more carefully helps you discover something more.  Discovering something more can change a life.  Click here to listen to more (January 19 sermon). 

This week, take a step toward finding your own savoring pace.  Take just 10 minutes and listen more carefully to someone…let them talk and share about their day or something that’s going on in their life.  Do one thing only.  Listen.

You might be surprised at what you hear and how it changes a life…maybe even yours.

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