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Posted on Oct 12, 2018 in Feature, Missions

Ozark UMC and UMCOR Hurricane Relief

Ozark UMC and UMCOR Hurricane Relief

We ask that you please keep those who were in the path of Hurricane Michael, as well as those who are assisting in the response, in your continued prayers.

The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is already beginning immediate relief efforts in the areas affected by the hurricane (see details below).  UMCOR will also be providing longer-term recovery assistance in the weeks, months, and years ahead.

Click here to donate now to UMCOR’s relief and recovery efforts with Hurricane Michael, Hurricane Florence, and future US disasters.

Hurricane Michael

Saturday, October 13:  In the Florida panhandle, UMCOR assessments are underway and continue to expand as more residential areas open to response teams.  Local UMCOR partners are continuing to receive relief supplies from UMCOR warehouses for local distribution.

In South Georgia assessments are underway and partners have deployed a shower trailer, clean-up supplies and water.  Local churches and partners are assembling additional cleaning kits for immediate use.

Please feel free to check back here, on the Ozark UMC website for future UMCOR updates.

Friday, October 12: United Methodists across the southeast are preparing to offer long-term relief after the most powerful hurricane in nearly 50 years slammed into the continental U.S.  Michael, which roared onto the Florida Panhandle as a Category 4 hurricane, has left a path of destruction across multiple states and at least five United Methodist conferences.

“The situation on the ground is changing hour to hour,” said Greg Ellis, program manager of the U.S. Disaster Response at the United Methodist Committee on Relief. “We still can’t get into some areas in Florida because it is not safe. The major interstates are still restricted.”

Search-and-rescue teams are operating across the Florida panhandle, communication is extremely limited in damaged areas and it’s still not safe for church-trained early response teams to come on the scene.  The eastern side of Panama City extending to Port St. Joe appears to have received the worst devastation. To the west, a number of UMC churches got through relatively unscathed and stood ready to help.

“The operation has been set up in Walton, about 30 minutes west of the damage,” Ellis said. They are planning on sending someone in Oct. 12.”  Good News United Methodist Church in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, has volunteered to serve as a staging area for the distribution of kits and other needed equipment.

Please feel free to check back here, on the Ozark UMC website for future UMCOR updates.

Thursday, October 11: UMCOR partners are ready to assist response efforts in the areas of the Gulf Coast affected by Hurricane Michael. Disaster Response Coordinators are traveling to affected areas today to begin assessment work.

UMCOR has already sent a $10,000 emergency assistance grant to the Alabama-West Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church.  Half of this grant has been used to buy gift cards for United Methodist pastors to distribute in areas affected by the hurricane that need the most help.  The gifts cards will be used to purchase gasoline, building supplies and other necessary items.

Please feel free to check back here, on the Ozark UMC website for future UMCOR updates.

Wednesday, October 10: Ahead of the hurricane’s arrival on Wednesday, UMCOR Disaster Response Coordinators secured a 35,000 ft. warehouse in Marianna, FL with the necessary equipment to expeditiously stock and distribute relief supplies.  Seasoned UMCOR incident coordinators are on the ground. They have assessed relief supplies and readied Early Response Teams.  As soon as it is safe to do so, UMCOR will move into affected areas, make the needed assessments, and then begin to share immediate relief help, and then longer-term recovery assistance.

Please feel free to check back here, on the Ozark UMC website for future UMCOR updates.

Hurricane Florence

Local UMCOR partners and volunteers have responded to the needs of those affected by Hurricane Florence in unprecedented ways. Emergency Response Teams are active in both the South Carolina and North Carolina. Partners have delivered supplies and flood kits throughout the region and local UMC churches continue to assist with damage assessments and relief efforts.

Click here to donate now to UMCOR’s relief and recovery efforts.  Because Ozark UMC and thousands of other UMC churches around the world, fund UMCOR’s annual administrative costs through the UMCOR Sunday offerings, 100% of your donation will go directly to the relief and recovery efforts associated with Hurricanes Michael, Florence, and future US disasters.


  1. My daughter is in PC Florida and is in need of cleaning supplies. Where/how can she get in touch with UMCOR. Her usual church building has been severely damaged.

    • Hi Patty. The situation right now still seems pretty fluid in the hardest hit areas of the Florida panhandle, as you can see from the latest we’ve posted on our Ozark UMC website. Sounds like Good News UMC in Santa Rosa Beach, may be getting set up as a response/staging point for cleaning kits and other supplies… but not sure if it would be up and running yet. You might check the UMCOR website ( for updates as well.

      We’re keeping your daughter, and all those affected by Hurricane Michael, in prayer.

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