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Posted on May 19, 2016 in Blog

Whatever It Takes

Whatever It Takes

Here’s a modern re-telling of Jesus’ parable of the pearl of great price, I heard first many years ago.

You are a buyer of fine pearls…standing in front of the most exquisite pearl you have ever seen displayed for sell.  You make up your mind…you want this pearl.

 “I would like to buy this pearl,” you address the seller, “how much is it?”  “It’s v-e-r-y expensive,” the seller replies.  “Oh…” you ask, “Do you think I can afford it?”  “Anyone can afford it,” the response.  “But didn’t you say that it was very expensive?”  “Yes.”  Somewhat frustrated now you ask again, “So, how much is it?”

 The seller looks you over.  “Everything…So, how much do you have?”  You pull out your wallet and start counting, “Twenty, forty, fifty, five, six, seven…fifty seven dollars.” You hold out the cash.  “That’s all the money you have?”  “Well…no.  I have $ 30,000 in the bank,” you add.  “Good…” $30,057.”  He starts writing it down.  “What else?”  “That’s it…that’s all the money I have,” you blurt out.  “There’s nothing else I can pay!”

 The seller looks up at you again.  “Where do you live?”  “In my house…yes I have a house,” you quickly reply.  “Okay…” he’s writing again, “Your house.”  “Great!  Now I’m going to have to live in my RV!”  “Oh…” the seller exclaims, “You have a RV; that to.”  “Wait…what…you want my house and my RV? Where am I supposed to sleep at night…in my car?”  “You have a car?”  “Yes…” you answer sheepishly, “Two of them.”  The seller doesn’t even look up, “Both cars become mine.”

 You’re now officially stunned…and the seller is still probing.  “Are you alone in this world?”  “No,” you say, “I have a family…my wife and two children.”  “Good.  Wife and children now become mine as well.”  “Oh…and I almost forgot,” he exclaims, “You too!”

 The seller goes on to explain.  “Look, from here on out everything you have now becomes mine.  Money, house, RV, cars, property, family…even you.  You’re free to use and enjoy all these things in the meantime.  But if I ever have need of them, you must give them up to me…their rightful owner.”

Extravagant generosity is at the heart of pursuing God full out!  Because here’s the thing, when people look at us…when they look at the church…they should see people who have been called by God to give and do whatever it takes, to change the world by God’s love and grace (Scott Chrostek). Click here to listen to more (May 15 sermon).


Your partner on the journey,

Pastor Steve

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